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'Crystals' Squawk Back (online - 2023)

2 Poems: 'Wetlands', 'All your friends like fireflies'In Parentheses (online - 2023)

'Everybody's Girl' - Chemical Inevitable (online - 2023)

2 Poems: 'Last Call Before Take-Off', 'Dream Of Tragedy' The Basilisk Tree (online - 2023)

'On Recovery' -Write-Haus  (print - 2023) 

'To Go' -Write-Haus (print - 2023) 

'What's Gone By' in 'The Courageous Non-Uniformity of Stones: Interfaith Scotland Anthology'The Scottish Poetry Library (print - 2022)

Prose & Non-Fiction

'My Laura' - Write-Haus (online - 2022)

'Not Leaving, But Going' - Write-Haus (print - 2022)

Contributor for Jewish pop culture articles on

News contributor on

Rachael Sevitt is a Scottish-Israeli poet. She is the recipient of the 2023 Andrea Moriah prize in Poetry, and an MA student in Creative Writing at Bar Ilan University. 

Find her work across the web and in print, and on Instagram: @rachael.sevitt

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